Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why is Jack Nicklaus Promoting "Give Trump a Chance" Propaganda?

So why is Nicklaus pimping this 
political propaganda?
Here's one possible reason.
With a 2017 Net Worth reported at
$280 Million,
Jack Nicklaus stands to gain
$60,000 or more a year in Tax Savings
with the Trump proposed 
At the same time, millions of people
in his age group (70's) will lose Medicaid
that will leave them in poverty for the
rest of their lives and
that will cause early death for many.
Accordingly,  this is one thing 
Jack Nicklause would like to see
Trump do that includes taking
medical attention away from 
10's of thousands veterans.
Another reason?
Maybe Jack Nicklaus is just another 
greedy old man without morality 
toward his fellow mankind.
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