Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Because Trump Suffers "Inflammatory Bowell Expulsion" doesn't mean he can't get a Full Night's Sleep...

...does it?
"Inflammatory Bowell Expulsion Syndrome"
is typically an involuntary physical
response that can occur
at any time. 
The following characterization
demonstrates how this illness
There is a modicum of control
available to this illness, however.
Trump's medical team has cautioned
that his use of the 'Betty Grable'
blond hair dye exacerbates
his condition.
However, Trump has not followed
medical directions. Accordingly, 
his sleep pattern is severely 
compromised which may account
for the odd, sometimes incomprehensible
 tweets during early morning hours.
America's President is deemed
and is revered by others. 
Should he resolve his medical 
issues, perhaps he can 
survive his presidency.

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