Monday, July 31, 2017

Is Donald Trump looking for a New Vice President too?

Now that Donald Trump has his
unbridled "HATCHET-MAN" he's 
always wanted at his side, 
is his weak 
Vice President Mike Pence
head on the chopping block too?
Is Pence a White House "leaker"?
Is Pence on 'The Mooch's' 
Who was it that said, "If Jesus-Boy
gives me one more 'holier-than-thou'
look with that fuckin' Bible tucked 
under his arm I'm gonna fuck'em-up
so bad "mother" will need a new
dildo with a lifetime guarantee?"
~Contributed by
The Memorializing of The
Anthony ("The Mooch") 
Scaramucci Quotes Project~ 
Update: Just hours after publishing the
above article, in the chaos of what 
we've come to know as the
latest reports provide that Communications
Director Anthony Scaramucci has 
abruptly resigned his post. 
We would point out that his stint was just
10 days in length, and was fraught
with intrigue and drama. We also
note that VP Mike Pence and "mother"
are in Europe. We also await the first of a
number of "Trump Tweets of disparagement"
toward his Vice President.
It is noteworthy that these things 
happen when America has a 
"Drama-Queen" president.
 Stay tuned for details. 

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