Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ALERT: Women in Voter Information Submissive States**

As we know The Trump Administration
has requested States to send Voter
Information to the White House
in order to insure a better 
control over voter fraud in elections.
The information to be submitted
includes, but is not limited to,
names, ages, addresses, marital status,
race, sexual preferences, party affiliations
and those voted for in all past elections.
For women there is more. 
Women are required to send current
photos of their pussies with above
included information.
After careful perusal by Trump himself
some women will be invited to meet
the president in the Oval Office
to have their "pussy-grabbed"!
The Donald will be the primary"grabber",
but other grabbers may also be
Those currently signed to assist include
Steve Bannon 
Jeff Sessions
Mike Flynn
Kellyanne Conway, and
VP Mike Pence 
(when "Mother" isn't looking).
So join in with other patriots in this
Grab a Pussy - Make America Great Again
**Note: Most States have said "NO"
to the Trump Administration request.
But a few backward States say
they will comply. You can learn if 
your State is one of them by
contacting your Secretary of State

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