Thursday, August 3, 2017

Is Trump's New Chief-of-Staff John Kelly functioning as a Double-Agent for the FBI and The Pentagon?

Retired General John Kelly (left)
was sworn in as Donald Trump's second
Chief-of-Staff just a few days ago after
Reince Preibus was was unceremoniously
fired last week.
Few people in Washington have the
respect and track record of integrity that 
former General Kelly can claim.
Accordingly, it has been questioned by
many as to why Kelly would subject
a lifelong reputation directly in harms
way considering Trump's erratic
nature that somehow destroys
careers and prestige of character.
That General Kelly could be working
double duty for the FBI and/or
Pentagon is not an unreasonable
answer to this question.
 Meanwhile, today it is reported by 
The Wall Street Journal 
that special prosecutor
Robert Mueller
has assembled a Grand Jury, 
thereby ramping up the Russia/Trump
collusion-obstruction of justice probe.

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