Friday, August 4, 2017

"Trump Has Herpes" says this Road Sign...

Last Night on a California Freeway
(I-80 at the UC Davis off-ramp
to be precise) this Caltrans warning 
sign was up  for hours...and hours...
...and hours.
Another look...
"I have what?"
It was up for hours...
Although this was clearly a 
hacking prank that was sort of 
okay with officials because 
it stayed up for so long,
there may be some truth to it.
Given Trump's own self-described
sexual history it is not an imaginative
stretch to suspect he actually does
have HERPES.
Accordingly, if "45" actually has
this is disease, this is what it 
looks like...
Herpes can and does occur on the face
and on and in the mouth, as well 
as in the genital areas, according to our
cursory research....
Also, elsewhere in California these
hacked road signs are also
Another reference to Trump?

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