Saturday, September 2, 2017

Trump Declares Sunday "Day of Prayer" for Texas Flood Victims~

Dr.(?) Robert Jeffress 
earlier this week tweeted:
"Honored to lead prayer as POTUS 
declares Sunday (September 3, 2017)
National Prayer Day for Harvey Victims.
Grateful for POTUS who believes in
The Power of Prayer."
'It was 'their privilege to lay hands 
upon the holiest of great presidents.
A president God personally put into 
power to save all mankind.'
(So, okay. God's president may grab some pussy 
every now and again...but God forgives 
knowing boys will be boys.)
Why, LORD, hast thou forsaken your
chosen American people?
There is, of course, a very logical 
evangelical reason. 
GAY SEX! GAY SEX causes these
hurricane 'Harvey disasters' to 
happen all the time.
Dr.(?) Jeffress has spoken out against
homosexuality many times, calling
it "unspeakable-filth".
And for the record, he's not so high on
many other Christian and religious
faiths. Jeffress says Mormons and 
Buddhists and numbers of other 
religions are "CULTS". He does,
however, reserve a special kind of
hate-venom for Catholicism.
If one wants to read some unvarnished
'hate-rhetoric' against the Catholic
Church it can be found under this guy's
name on Wikipedia.
Tomorrow, however, is reserved for a
day of prayer for the Texas Flood Victims.
Before the devastation, Texas
Evangelical leader
Anne Graham Lotz engaged in a
vigil and it didn't work.
So maybe this is why she wasn't
invited to the Oval Office to
pray and lay her hands on
GOD'S chosen president 
this past week?
We all know how 
Trump Hates Losers.

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