Thursday, December 21, 2017

Did These Republican EVANGELICALS just pass law about How they want "others to do unto them"?

"Doing unto OTHERS as they
would have OTHERS do
 unto THEM?"
This past week absent bi-partisan
input, and without a single public
hearing, the Republican Congress 
passed omnibus legislation that
gives the ultra-rich massive
tax breaks. And the middle class and
poor are going to pay for it.
In addition, the projections are that
each year hence 10's of thousands 
of Americans will die sooner than
otherwise because they will have
lost their medical coverages
At the same time, millions of 
Americans (children, the elderly, and
veterans, among others) will face
 unprecedented financial, physical, 
and emotional hardships due
 to government medical and
social program reductions and/or
Each of those shown in the images
above profess EVANGELICAL
CHRISTIANITY. Unfortunately,
they seem to have forgotten
in their legislative processes.

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