Sunday, December 3, 2017

Is THIS 40+ year-old Photo of Donald Trump in a S&M Sex-Dungeon Fake News? (NSFW?)

MTL DubSessions
THIS photo-find of a 40-something year-old
image of America's 45th president in a
Our "take" is that it's phony 
photo-shopped FAKE NEWS.
At the same time, when put to 
FOX NEWS and the Bible-Based
Christian Broadcast News, and especially
Donald Trump and his White house
 standards of reporting, this image
clearly meets their criteria for
publication, without the disclaimer,
of course.
The difference, in this report and these
others mentioned here is that 
we disclaim it up-front.
Hey, Alex Jones! 
You may want to use this image the
next time you're pissed at Trump.
You can tell your audience the dungeon
is located in the basement of the
same pizza parlor where Hillary had
lesbian sex and ran a 'child-sex'
business from a few years ago.

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