Thursday, March 8, 2018

Did Donald Trump send Stormy Daniels a "DICK-PIC"? Seth Myers asks....

Last night Seth Meyers went over the top
on his "Closer-Look" segment with a
commentary on the law-suit filed by
porn star Stormy Daniels against
This is Donald Trump 
with Stormy Daniels...
And THIS is David Dennison and
Peggy Peterson...aka Donald Trump
and Stormy Daniels.
Yes people. America's president has
an alias, possibly more. But this
one is the only one we're sure
Stormy Daniels is no stranger to media
sensationalism. But this week she hit 
the jackpot with a law-suit against
Donald Trump.
Among other things her suit provides
that she has tangible images concerning
she and Trump.
Her suit goes on to say that she can
describe Trump's "JUNK" in detail if
she needs to do so.
Given Stormy did not describe
"Trump's Junk" in her law-suit,
Seth Myers decided to do it 
for her last night with the following
word picture...  
"It would look like a Flaming Cheeto
sitting on a Brillo pad."
...and for reader edification, 
There will be more...stay tuned...

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