Wednesday, March 7, 2018

QUESTION: How did DAVID DENNISON and PEGGY PETERSON Hide their AFFAIR from David's Wife?

They used a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" (NDA)
(Typically, a legal document filed in a competent U.S. Court)
with aliases and Peggy was paid $130,000.00
by a third party as "HUSH MONEY".
Donald Trump is AKA David Dennison,
and porn star Stormy Daniels is AKA
Peggy Peterson AKA Stephanie Clifford,
her given name, in this sordid matter.
Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen
says that he paid Ms. Daniels $130k
from his own pocket, and has not
been reimbursed....
This 'hush-money' was paid in 
September 2016, just before the
presidential election.
Although this was considered a 'done-deal',
it's not. 
For whatever her reasons, 
Stormy Daniels
has filed a law-suit against 
Trump just this week.

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