Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Sad Commentary on America that Children must Take to the Streets to Fight for their Safety at School~

Because America's President 
and the U.S. Congress have taken 
as BRIBES in order to sell as
 many guns and ammo as possible,
America's youth has taken to
to the streets to fight for
their safety in the schools......
...a sad, sad commentary on this
country, and especially it's
And right now these children are
doing a remarkably good job.
Even in the face of this...
The core issue here is simple
reasonable GUN CONTROL LAW,
such as...
Universal Background checks...
Age requirements on purchase of guns...
Banning general public purchase of
assault weapons such as 
the AR-15...
And this is about it.
Still these cowardly, greedy old men
that stand for nothing won't even
do this because they are owned
by the NRA...
These kids need and deserve 
our support and help.

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