Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fox News ("Trump Maven") Sean Hannity Outed as "Mob" Attorney Michael Cohen's Mystery Client~

was summarily outed in a New York
Federal Court as Donald Trump's
personal attorney's attorney
gave his name in open court as
Michael Cohen's MYSTERY CLIENT
in material seized in a F.B.I. search
warrant raid of Cohen's offices
last week.
Cohen's other client was previously
identified as disgraced Republican
billionaire and fund-raiser
 According to records Cohen paid a
Playboy model $1.6 million in hush
 money (in Broidy's behalf)
after an affair she had with Broidy
that resulted in a pregnancy and
subsequent abortion.
Cohen, of course, paid Stormy
Daniels and other women to
stay quiet about their sexual 
exploits with Donald Trump. 
And Cohen is right now under
F.B.I. investigation for some
criminal activity that we predict
will become formal charges 
very soon.
As to what criminality that
Sean Hannity may be involved in,
if any, is unknown at this time.
But, stay tuned.

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