Sunday, May 6, 2018

Is Melania Trump America's First "POTTED-PLANT" First Lady?

In the traditions of the Venus Fly Trap, 
and the
INFAMOUS (Stink Flower) 
the woman sometimes seen at the 
other end of Donald Trump...
...the woman looking much
like a potted plant on wheels he
seems to be pulling around looking for
the proper corner to station her in,
will soon announce her platform as
America's First Pussy.
has been previously announced as 
her theme and platform, and there will
be a formal 'kick-off' tomorrow
in the White House Rose Garden.
Given that her husband has signed 
legislation to take Health Care away from
millions of children in the last
16-months, in addition to ending basic
food programs for poor children along
with nixing after school projects, even
gutter logic and basic common sense 
provides that this is just another
Trump flim-flam sham in the tradition
of Trump University and Trump
Steaks and everything else associated
the Trump moniker.

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