Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kanye West says 'Slavery was a Choice' ~

Yes. Donald Trump's latest
allocation has reportedly said that
in America.
Kanye apparently doesn't 
know his own racial history. 
Even after America's slaves were
ostensibly "freed", the damage
done to African Americans 
continues to this day.
Many Calvinist Christian 
Religions taught that black people
didn't have souls. Accordingly,
killing 'blacks' had no moral or
salvation consequences.
Mary Turner was just one of 
10's of thousands killed, mostly
in the southern States, after 
the Civil War ended and well 
into the 20th Century.
The following is a map of black
people hangings from 
1835 to 1935.
It should be noted that these
killings continued well into
We have no further comment.

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