Monday, May 14, 2018

Was Donald Trump Conceived by a Sperm-Challenged Seed Fertilizing an Ovum-Challenged Egg? (Photos)

Was FRED TRUMP (left) 
sperm-challenged when his 
compromised seed fertilized an 
ovum-challenged egg belonging to
that produced this
Right now the 'Genetic/Reproductive'
Sciences are investigating the
probabilities and incidences
of this phenom in homo-sapiens
A full report is expected in
the first week of this
coming November.
Although a "science-denier" in
general, Trump has tweeted
this image and statement:
"The sperm that made me was the
best. The most best. I had and have 
the very best sperm of all sperm ever.
I can tell you that."
~Contributed by
The Sperm-Challenged Seed Study

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