Thursday, June 14, 2018

Franklin Graham says "Christians are Not Your Enemy" while Decrying Trump's Separation of Children from Parents Immigration Policy ~

Yesterday, a disheveled appearing
Franklin Graham (in Harvey Weinstein
style) on the Christian broadcasting 
network said "Christians are not your enemy",
 as he was decrying the Trump immigration
policy of separating small children
from their parents and holding those
children in cages for weeks.
Graham was careful, however, not to
trash Trump who he has repeatedly
portrayed as "God's Chosen" to lead
Also yesterday, VP Mike Pence addressed the
at their annual meeting at which time he
 listed Trump's accomplishments in 
following through on issues supporting
Christianity in America to
thunderous applause.
Real Christians are no one's enemy.
There are some real questions 
surrounding evangelicals, however.

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