Saturday, June 23, 2018

Given the U.S. Bible Belt Claims the Highest OBESITY PERCENTAGE Rates on the Planet one might think...

...the leaders of those "flocks"
would be expected to carry out the
Bible admonitions concerning 
this pressing-immediate health 
issue...but...NO! NO! we find...
not mentioning the obvious.
Instead, it's about baking cakes 
for gay weddings and 
Hillary's emails...condemn these
things and surely your salvation
with the LORD is a certainty.
our trusted ''evangelistas'', of course,
mention that God hand-picked
Donald Trump to lead HIS chosen
nation, assisted by his unassuming
3rd wife and former lesbian
porn model to be his 
able bodied assistant in matters
of the government and the Lord.
...and then we have...
...but this is another story.

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