Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hear The SONG for a SUMMER NIGHT - by Mitch Miller

~An Editor Takes a Holiday~
Tonight, in a complete departure from
editing this silly political blog I'm taking
the liberty of reminiscing and sharing
an experience from 1956.
Hey. That's a long time ago. Yes?
In the Summer of 1956, at age 17, I had
completed my first year at Cal-Berkeley.
During that year I also worked full
time. I was poor. This combined with 
my studies gave me little recreational time.
Given I was taking Summer courses
and working too, I still had little 
recreational time. But I was okay with
it all because my grades were good
and I was still getting a paycheck
as an athletic playground supervisor
at one of the Oakland/Berkeley ghetto
Although I was just 17, with 18 just a
couple months away I'm sure I got
the job because a friend, then a Cal-senior
(Ed Dash) recommended me to the post. 
Ed and I had been Golden Gloves competitors
in the past and I'm sure that relationship
played a part in this scenario. 
But this is another story. 
I consider Ed as one of my life mentors and
a great part of any life successes I may
have experienced later.
I also learned a lot on those playgrounds.
I was only 4 to 5 years senior to those
kids I was working with. 
But there are considerable differences 
 twixt 12 and 17.
So, as I continued to LEARN on many
levels there also needs to be places
of respite.
For me, in 1956 one of those places was TV.
And one of those TV places was
The Westinghouse "STUDIO ONE"
Summer Theater. 
Studio One was quality TV in much
the same way PBS Masterpiece Theater
is today.
At the same time Mitch Miller was one
of the owners of pop music, and TV 
entertainment. And then on
one hot Summer June night, like tonight
Studio One presented the play,
I don't remember zip of what the 
play was about. But the music has become
a life long EAR 60+ years.
And then today, my GOOGLE-HOME, that
sometimes seems to have a mind of it's
own, decided to play
Right now, as I write, it is
104 degrees on my patio here in 
the Anderson/Bennett Valley/Valley
of the Moon Wine Country. IT'S HOT!
Accordingly, I found Mitch Miller's
multi-million record seller of the
title song, and also the lesser played 
version with lyrics.
I love this music and hope my friends
do too. Here they are....
This version sold millions...
And this following version with
 lyrics didn't do so badly

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