Sunday, June 10, 2018

Justin Trudeau is 6'-2"...Trump says he's 6'-3" ... (Photos)

This photo was taken last week at
the G-7 Summit in Canada.
Trump is standing to the right of 
Canada's Trudeau, and to the left of
Germany's Angela Merkel.
Trudeau is 6'-2"... Trump is 6'-3"?
These photos were taken last year 
at the White House.
Trudeau was 6'-2" then and 
Trump was still 6'-3"?
It appears that Trump's measuring
instrument is as flawed as his
synaptic system?
On a realistic note the above photo
is how the people of the world see 
Trump, as the image below portrays
how free world leaders see him.
Is any further comment necessary?

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