Friday, June 29, 2018

News Room Shooting Survivor to Trump: "I couldn't give a 'F**K' about your prayers!"

Last night Anderson Cooper 
warned his audience that his interview
contained "hard" language.
And it did.
Annapolis, Maryland News Room 
shooting survivors Phil Davis and 
Selene San Felice gave a comprehensive
and articulate (passionate) review of the 
night-mare they experienced 
earlier in the day.
In it, both referred to Donald Trump's
response was shallow and not welcome.
The above captioned statement was 
rendered at that time.
"The News Media is America's
Greatest Enemy", is repeatedly said by
Donald Trump.
Does Trump share any culpability 
in yesterday's killings?
Many say "yes".
And did you know that yesterday's
surviving shooting victims are already
getting threats from wacko Trump

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