Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump BLINDSIDES South Korea/Pentagon with Kim Jong Un Concession to end Joint Military Exercises ~

Well...that didn't last long...
...so much for Trump's leadership...
Today we learn that South Korea and the
U.S. Department of Defense were 
blindsided by Trump's concession to 
Kim Jong Un to end Joint Military 
exercises on the Korean peninsula.
Today, allies and the U.S. Military said
they were clueless as to the meaning 
and scope of what Trump had
"negotiated". The document Trump and
Kim Jong Un signed was so vague
that nothing could be decerned
from it. The U.S. Military says they
have not been issued a "stop" order.
There's been no communication.
The takeaway here is that nobody knows
what was negotiated, and we can be
sure that Trump himself doesn't
know either.
Accordingly, it looks like Kim Jong 
walked away with all the goodies
and the U.S. got nothing.
Trump did however receive a personal 
gift from Kim Jong of a North Korea
manufactured kite.

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