Monday, June 4, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Sides with "Jesus" in Gay Wedding Cake Spat~

In 2012 Colorado Wedding Cake Baker
Jack Phillips said "no" to baking a
wedding cake for David Mullins and 
Charlie Craig, doing such would 
violate his religious principles and values.
Today,  the court sided with Phillips
and Jesus in a narrow 7-2 ruling.
After the 2012 dispute, the Colorado 
Civil Rights Commission ruled that
Phillips had violated the gay couples'
rights under Colorado law.
But today the court ruled that Phillips'
1st Amendment Rights were violated in
that the Civil Rights Commission
had shown "hostility toward religion"
in it's original finding.
It is noted that this ruling is narrowed
to this specific case only. But it also
sets case law that may be used in
future like matters.

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