Saturday, June 2, 2018

Where is She? Melania Trump VANISHES from the Public Eye....

America's 'off and on' sometimes 
'First Pussy' (as she is sometimes 
affectionately called) has vanished from the 
public eye since her "kidney surgery"
a few weeks ago and has not been seen since.
And Barron Trump has not been
seen recently either.
A few days ago this tweet was said
to have come from Melania...
...but nobody believes she wrote it.
As speculation, rumor and mystery 
abound, we'll just leave it here for now...
There is a point made by one of our
contributors who said, 'some suspect
Melania is fulfilling her "First Pussy"
duties in the same way she fulfills
 her "wifely" duties.'
Stay tuned...

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