Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Memo to U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R): SCOTUS

Every U.S. Senator, Clerk, Secretary
and Janitor in D.C. knows that 
the Federalist Society pick (via Trump),
Brett Kavenaugh, for SCOTUS 
is where he is for the purpose of
Destroying ROE v. WADE and
Women's Reproductive Rights!
And YOU know it too, 
So, don't say "health care" is important you,
because it's not. Otherwise you would 
not have voted to remove health care
from millions of Americans when
you voted against Obamacare
last year.
YOU, SUSAN, have proven that 
you want a return to
America knows you support the
"spurting cesspool of HATE" also known 
as Donald Trump because you have
a voting record of doing so.
STOP the B.S., SUSAN! 

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