Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Steve Kornacki - A Rising MSNBC Journalist STAR!

This is
We've been watching Steve on MSNBC'S
Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, and
Lawrence O'Donnell shows among 
others, for several years.
Our "take" is, and has always been, 
that his enormous positive energy 
combined with an incredible knowledge
 of his subject matter is not just 
contagious, but also magnetic.
Most recently he has been guest
hosting the aforementioned programs,
along with others. And his natural
charisma also applies to these
Steve Konacki is a rising political
host/pundit star by any and all
standards. We urge all to tune 
in and experience what we're saying
and conveying here.
That he is an openly gay man 
(since 2011), is beside any salient 
point insofar as his talent
is concerned.
It is his own openness, honesty and 
truthfulness that we're sure he 
would want this disclosed, as such is 
also the hallmark of his work.
Tune in to one of his programs, you
won't be disappointed.

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