Saturday, July 7, 2018

Well that didn't last Long - The N.Korea/America Honeymoon is OVER?!

So the American delegation met with
North Korea and Kim Jong Un this
week to ... we're not sure what. 
The bottom line is (of course) to 
denuclearize North Korea (and the world
is laughing because that just
ain't gonna happen). 
After the meeting, however,
the duplicitous Chief Negotiator,
Mike Pompeo said,
"the meeting was productive"... but 
Kim Jong had a different take...
within minutes of Pompeo's public
statement Kim Jong fired a scathing
"The 'Gangster-Like Mind-Set' of 
the U.S." raises "Cancerous Issues"
between the two countries....
To be continued...
Suffice to say ... the world stage 
score-card now reads:
Kim Jong Un: 11
Trump: 0

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