Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he would accept Oral Sex from Donald Trump on Showtime's WHO is AMERICA!

This past week on Showtimes' hit TV
reality program (Season 1: Episode 4)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio 
(aka The Toughest Sheriff in America)
confessed to Sasha Baron Cohen's
'Finland TV Host Character' that 
he would accept 
ORAL SEX from Donald Trump
if he was solicited to do so.
But this was not the only revelation
from Sheriff Joe.
Sasha Baron Cohen and his stable
of characters is about the business of
making stupid political figures
look more stupid.
And this weeks show defined 
this process.
Joe Arpaio is currently running for
a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona.
BE SURE to VOTE this coming 

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