Friday, December 28, 2018

Stephen Hawking says: "The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is......" - We add: "For some...ILLUSION becomes DELUSION"~

We've all seen the type...pompous,
blustery and "preachy" 
'know it alls' who know nothing.
We call these people STUPID.
To use a nicer term we sometimes say
they're IGNORANT.
But for some...ILLUSION graduates
to DELUSION. And when this 
happens it becomes 
Unfortunately, a prime example of
DELUSION appears to be 
exhibited by a few in some kind of
power and authority over 
many situations and things that
effect and affect
 the well-being of others.
we represent "THIS" as an 
example of such a person.
And a good case can be made for our
example given the validated 
cumulative evidence known to date.

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